The opportunity of harmonisation

How we help governments and the private sector to take benefit from harmonisation.

  • Identification of the opportunities and the challenges.
  • Assessment of best practice, ideal outcomes, common ground and the milestones.
  • Development of strategic plan, structure and expertise required.
  • Feasibility check to achieve the ideal.
  • Provision of tools and key learnings from other regions.
  • Provide access to our network of experts where specific experience is required.
  • Establish impact assessments and scorecards on progress.
  • Build communication tools to ensure engagement in harmonisation at different levels in both government and the private sector.

The regulatory landscape has changed dramatically over the years. Much of this has been driven by harmonisation: regional and global.

EAS has been closely involved in harmonisation across the world for more than 20 years. Our experience in ASEAN, Codex, Customs Union, EU, and the Gulf Cooperation Council is well established. We advise both the private sector and governments about how to make harmonisation operate smoothly, what lessons to learn from other regions, and how to build systems that will really work and deliver the essential economic and consumer benefits.


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