Trade Association Leadership

EAS has more than 20 years of experience working with associations to shape the political, policy and regulatory environment across the world.

Our unique combination of public affairs, regulatory, technical and scientific expertise has provided numerous associations with results that deliver and secure market access and create the optimum commercial environment.

Working with EAS to develop your association will provide you with:

1. Access to high-level strategic thinking.
2. The right operational structures to deliver the results you need.
3. A cost-effective structure.

Our work focuses on the following phases in order to ensure that the associations we work with become recognised leaders in their fields and gain the influence linked to this status:

Trade Associations

Leading the Association and Additional Specialist Services

  • Sector scorecard systems
  • Specialised publication report development
  • Management tools for engagement
  • Membership training in successful stakeholder engagement
  • Crisis management

Strategy Development and Establishment

  • Defining association strategy, needs and requirements
  • Evaluating stakeholder buy-in to the strategy
  • Developing the association brand and identity
  • Developing legal statutes and registration of association within Singapore
  • Brand protection and domain names
  • Prestigious address

Building the Association for Launch

  • Developing strategic plan, structure and short, medium long-term objectives
  • Building financial annual plan and future forecast
  • Developing work programme broken down according to the specific potential areas required, i.e:
    • Political and Influence
    • Regulatory and Policy
    • Communications and Media
    • Technical and Scientific
    • Management, including internal rules and decision-making
  • Key staff allocation

Official Launch

  • Communications and media
  • Communication to key decision-makers and other stakeholders
  • Webpage development
  • Event management

Implementation and Management Phase

  • Building membership services
  • Member bulletins
  • Website development
  • Meeting planning and organisation
  • Agendas, minutes and action systems
  • Legal and financial administration
  • Recruitment kit
  • Annual Report
  • Formalising the association structure
  • Monitoring and communication to membership